Performance Products

I've hand selected these performance and rehabilitation products because I not only carry them in my toolbox, but I also use them myself. Each product below is very effective for treating a wide range of musculoskeletal ailments, and for helping to improve your athletic performance to get you on the medals podium.


I use RockTape to reduce pain and support strained muscles and sprained joints all over the body. SI joints, lumbar extensor muscles, achy shoulders, and tired wrists are no match.

stretch out strap

From creating effective static and dynamic stretches of the lats and hamstrings, to performing joint mobilizations to improve mobility, the Stretch Out Strap is my go-to.


The ancient eastern art of "scraping" uses implements to help accelerate healing to strained soft tissue, mobilize adhered layers for improved performance, and enhance blood flow to congested tissues.

Palmer's Cocao butter

When performing soft tissue mobilization/massage, pin & stretch or IASTM, Palmers Cocoa Butter is the right amount of slippery. Plus it's rich in vitamin E, healthy for the skin and smells great.

Foam Roller

The black foam roller is probably my favorite apparatus. Excellent for spinal mobilization (especially thoracic), muscle mobility and activation, stretching and core control.

Lacrosse Ball

Trigger points, isolated soft tissue mobilization, and adhered fascial layers are no match for 30-seconds to 2-minutes of direct application of the classic lacrosse ball.

mobilization band

Perfect for joint mobilizations and assisted pull-ups, the Resistance & Stretch Band is a multi-faceted performance machine. You'll see me using it most often for hip and ankle self-mobilization.

Workout Notebook

The workout notebook is your critical tool for data collection to track your progress.

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