Use RockTape to Enhance Performance

You know those stretchy, brightly colored athletic tapes we’re seeing on the Olympic athletes and basketball players and the like? They’re not just for show. And I use RockTape with my athletes and physical therapy clients for a number of reasons… most importantly, less pain and better performance.

Paddlers like expert Connor Inslee (Seattle, WA) appreciate this RockTape taping strategy... 40 miles and finally a pain-free forearm for the SEVENTY48 race. Here’s how we did it:

Lately Connor had been dealing with cramping and pain in his right forearm after only a few miles. He diligently performed a number of specific stretches and exercises but couldn’t get over the hump. Just before his big race, we applied the above strategy and had tremendous success, and Connor reported he had no pain or performance issues whatsoever through 40-miles (his team had to drop out early from the race due to his partner getting sick).

If you have questions about RockTape and application strategies, and would like to be sure your physical therapy and sport performance plan includes RockTape, let me know anytime before or during your appointment.

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