RowPhysio was developed to launch you to the medals stand, and is at the forefront of helping you achieve your victory.

Greg’s extensive experience provides him with the understanding of the rower’s body and the dynamics of the rowing movement completely. His rowing experience and expertise is a rare gift to the rowing world.
— B.P., Boulder, CO

Dr. Greg Spooner, DPT, CAFS, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy in San Diego, California. Dr. Spooner has been rowing at various levels across all boat classes since 2000, is a rowing and clinical movement and high performance specialist, Guinness World Record setting North Atlantic Ocean Rowing Race winner, keynote speaker, and has been featured nationally and internationally on TV and radio, and in print.

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Rowphysio Mission

At RowPhysio Physical Therapy & Performance, our mission is to deliver superior quality, high performance, sport-specific knowledge with hands-on, winning physical therapy experience to help you achieve your gold medal podium finish. Using a blend of live and prerecorded education and training content together with 1-on-1 treatment sessions and video analysis, you'll put nagging injuries and mental roadblocks to rest as you blaze across the finish line.